Betway email case study
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Betway required a fully modular drag and drop dynamic Salesforce template system that allowed their large team of Email Executives to build brand/regional specific templates on the fly without editing any code. The template design supplied by UI/UX had a complex set of requirements to automatically display the correct branding, colours, translations, domain specific urls, content blocks, headers and footers, depending what brand or region the email content was speaking from.

A set of master shell templates along with a series of drag and drop WYSIWYG content modules were created and controlled by a single CSS file. A combination of AMPScript and Salesforce's dynamic settings were used to control the final brand/region/language/domain output of the template.

The Email Executives were able to produce emails very quickly by dragging content modules into a shell template and editing the images and text using the built in Salesforce WYSIWYG editor. The template would then choose the correct header and footer from over 100 variants, the content accent colours and translations would then be set to the correct values.

Movable Ink and AMPscript were used to produce in-email live sports betting odds and casino tier token apps.

An administrator is able to roll out updates across all of the templates and content modules from a single CSS and AMPScript file, without the need for any action from the Email Executives. This allows a constantly bug free output and consistent rendering on email clients.

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